London National Gallery 

The National Gallery in London is my all time favourite! It has this peace and tranquil atmosphere, large halls, incredible pieces of artwork that I want to come and explore more and more. This time however, I decided to embark on a virtual tour of The National Gallery

A place to reflect

I visited the National Gallery London twice after it opened its doors again in the summer 2020. I was over the moon to be able to wonder the halls and marvel at the ancient art. But at the same time I wanted to have a way to explore the works more in depth. Another thing,  let’s be honest reading all the plaques next to those amazing paintings can be quite tiresome. So when I discovered the gallery has a virtual tour that I can visit sitting in my living room, I immediately jumped at it.  

The National Gallery has some incredible things on display. It was founded in 1824 and since then it has accumulated over 2,300 paintings dating dating from the mid-13th century to 1900s. They have a splendid permanent collection, as well as temporary exhibitions. There is always something going on in the gallery. 

My favourite part is the section of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. So many years of human culture collected in one place. It’s mesmerising, it makes you appreciate how far we’ve gone as a species, and how much there is still to learn.

Can art be remedy for the sole? Embark on the National Gallery virtual tour

There is a certain stillness in the halls of the gallery. Certain pieces of artwork move you. Sometimes they help you understand things, get over something or just be present, meditate in the moment. But you don’t have to be physically present to start discovering the stories behind art works. You can learn about the world, history, humanity and culture virtually. So take this National Gallery London virtual tour today.

It may not provide direct answers, but it will definitely broaden your horizons or even entirely change your perspective! 

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