Who we are


PackMyTravel is the child project that came to life in 2020 as part of the development of Travel Solutions, a travel company based in Vilnius. We are an EU and MITA backed up multifunctional travel booking platform geared towards travellers with different tastes and needs.


How the project was born


Established during challenging times as the pandemic struck the world, we decided that it was time to rethink travelling and bring more innovative products, services and solutions to the traveller. So we set out to create a platform and an app that will make travel booking easier and help you organise all your travel services in one place. In addition to various payment methods you can also use cryptocurrency to pay for products and services on our platform and app.

Following our love for innovation and passion for convenience we decided to create a project that would embody those things. That is how PackMyTravel was born. The project that has been funded by the EU with a financial backing by MITA Lithuania: Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology.


What matters to us


We want our travellers to have incredible experiences, create amazing memories, have an awesome time or just a comfortable holiday. It is important to us that we work only with the best travel service providers and sell only quality goods in our online shop where you can purchase travel accessories. We always aim to innovate and create new, better solutions for you.


What we do


We offer two types of services – deal comparison and our own signature tours.

On our platform we aim to list great deals and offers, as well as quality listings for every part of your travel, holiday and vacation. We want you to be able to book everything in one place: hotels, flights, tours, activities, sightseeing, cars, transfers. You can book travel services around the world, shop travel products, and find out about the latest travel developments in the world, including travel restrictions and updates. We also offer our own special packages or bundle bookings that include limited time offers and special deals.


How we do it


We provide real time accurate information as well as partner with quality service providers only. Our aim is to innovate and provide bespoke solutions to the traveller.


How do we make money?


We compare our partner deals, show you results, and by clicking on a partner listing you are transferred to their website where you book your travel, accommodation, etc. We get a fraction of the purchase price if you complete the booking. This does not affect the price you pay, for you our services are completely free of charge.