Travel restrictions may be changing every day, so if you’re planning to book an activity check the latest advice. Attractions close and reopen at a short notice because safety is the priority number one. 

In this article we will share some useful information in relation to Covid-19 travel restrictions and what you need to know before booking activities.

Cancelation policies

Before booking or travelling check out the cancelation policy of each attraction you’re planning to book. Some offer full refunds, others to rebook your tickets to a later date. 

Safety and hygiene 

Masks are mandatory in most attractions, unless the attraction is an open air and you’re not in close contact with other tourists. Wearing a mask also depends on the levels of the coronavirus cases. For example, some islands have a very strict no entry policy for those tested positive, this way they have been able to contain the virus. 

Hand sanitising. Most activity organisers will have sanitisers in place and will require you to clean your hands before entering.

Social distancing will vary from 1m to 2m. 

Gloves will usually be required to wear by staff.  

Regular medical check ups of staff are required in most attractions, if anyone shows signs of illness they will not be allowed to work. 

Additional hygiene measures

Most places have implemented additional cleaning and disinfection. Although some of them may vary depending on the specific country policy. Here is the a list of most commonly implemented Covid-19 safety measures.

-Limited number of visitors to ensure social distancing can be maintained at all times.

-Reduced opening hours to ensure adequate cleaning is in place. 

-Digital tickets and contactless payments will limit the exposure to staff and visitors. Most attractions require you to register and book your tickets in advance. 

Hygiene safety training is required by most places, including attractions, planes, restaurants etc.

Extra cleaning procedures have been implemented to contain the spread of coronavirus. This includes ventilation, surfaces and placing hand sanitiser and cleaning products in places where they are most needed. 

Covid-19 travel restrictions

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The latest Covid-19 information 

To keep up to date with the situation around the world and read the latest news we suggest you visit these World Health Organization (WHO) website pages: 

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