So the time has come to pack you bag! The questions is, what should you pack with you? Here we have listed things that you will most likely need to have in your carry-on suitcase. 


Today some of our travel documentation is digital, such as boarding passes or train tickets. This is very convenient and it’s a good idea to store them across multiple devices in case your phone battery runs our, for example, and you need access your ticket. Or even print them out, although not many of us still have printers at home.




-credit Card



-travel insurance


Even if it’s just a short flight you never know who you will be sitting next, unless you’re travelling with friends or family. Occasionally, there are moments when you just want peace and quiet on your flight and things like ear plugs can really help. Spills and similar things also happen, so have tissue just in case. Entreatment, of course, is a big part of a flying experience. Some prefer audio books, some like printed more, others watch a movie or a documentary on their ipad. Budget airlines usually have no entertainment, so be prepared.

-Ear plugs 

-something to read



Electronics and technology: 

Before flying make sure you have plugs or adapters that are compatible to with the destination country’s.


-kindle / ipad / laptop 

-chargers and adapters (for you kindle, smart watch, laptop, bluetooth headphones, electronic tooth brush)

Cosmetics / Personal hygiene:

Don’t forget your mask and have hand sanitiser with you. This will help to protect you and other passengers. The air in an aircraft cabin gets very dry, so have water, cream , lip balm with you. If you’re wearing contact lenses saline or eye drops will help. Sometimes you just want to freshen up, take your toothbrush and deodorant with you.



-lip balm 

-water water water 

-hand sanitiser 



-tooth brush 

-a change of underwear and fresh socks

Take a good look at what else you will need on your trip. You may require additional things to take with you, or the opposite you may need less than what’s listed here. If you take a good case packing and planning you travelling experience will be smooth and pleasant.