The Great Wall of China Virtual Tour

The Great Wall of China stretches some 5,000 miles and was built to keep invaders out of China. It is the largest man-made project in the world. Take this virtual tour if you want to learn about these fortifications and pick up some interesting facts.   

An incredible construction the Great Wall of China, is the world’s longest wall, an awe-inspiring achievement of ancient constructions. It was designed to protect the country from enemies and the silk road trade from buglers. There is some fantastic scenery on the twisting route through rough country and steep mountains. Take this virtual tour of The Great China Wall and you will be mesmerised by its magic!

Who Built the Great Wall and Why?

The Wall is more than 2,300 years old. It was constructed by different dynasties and states throughout the years. The many rules built it as a fortification against country’s enemies, as well as to protect the silk road traders from attacks. 

How Tall Is the Great Wall?

The height of the Great Wall, where it is intact/restored, is 5-8 meters (16-26 feet). It was built to be three times the height of a human. Some parts of the wall go over ridges and appear taller than they actually are. 

About 2,000 kilometres, or 30 percent, of the Ming Great Wall has vanished due to natural erosion and human disruption.

The Great Wall is a symbol in China. It not only shows us the Chinese community of national pride, wonderful ventures, and determined fight, but also the lavish architecture and imagination of China.

Take the virtual tour of this magnificent construction, learn about its past and look at the views around it. The nature, the mountains, the greenery – all will capture your imagination. They might even take your breath away! This is a truly beautiful sight.

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